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Writings of Dr SaLee' Amina Mohammed

(original poem by By SaLee' Amina Mohammed)

Arabia, you have my heart,
I miss you when we are apart.
I travel far, I travel wide,
But in your sands my heart resides.

Your sunrise starts my every day.
Your sunsets fill my every night.
And though you're only in my mind,
The thoughts are clearer than my sight.

Arabia, I miss you,
Like a loved one, torn away from me.
Arabia, I long for you,
Like a dear lost love, that I long to see.

How sweet you are, how great you are,
How special, in so many ways.
Arabia, you have my heart
Wrapped in your winds, I'll always stay.

Arabia, you have my heart,
I miss you when we are apart.
I travel far, I travel wide,
But in your sands my heart resides.

Perhaps, sometimes, I must be gone,
And maybe I must travel far,
But in my mind and in my heart,
Arabia, you always are.

And when I lay my head to sleep,
It's memories of you I see.
Arabia, throughout all time,
You'll forever be inside of me.

(An original poem, by Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed, written in honor of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, in appreciation for his contribution of $50 million USD donation to prevent Malaria, and his generous sponsorship of numerous low-income Muslims to the Hajj pilgrimage, at a cost of $61 million USD, and his payment of millions of dollars for an operation to separate Siamese twins, who were joined at the brain; as well as his many other extremely compassionate gestures of good will and generosity towards mankind. (May Allah bless him, insh'Allah.)

There are those who win at marathons
And those who can pass a test,
But those are not among the few
Who are called "The Very Best".

For to win that title of honor
One must excel far above the norm,
Those chosen few are touched by angels
Before they are even born.

"The Best" is a title that's always reserved
For those few of a special breed,
"The Best" are the people who give of their lives,
And their time, and their love, through good deeds.

Yes, "The Best " are our mortal reminders
Of Allah's compassion and love,
They're a living example of guidance to us
From our Great Creator above.

"The Best" are a very select group,
A unique and exclusive few;
So, we gather today
To give honor and say ---
That one of "The Best"
Is YOU !

...In fact, the "Best of the Best" is you. (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed)

(An original poem, by Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed)

I know that by the power and intention of Allah,
All things are possible

I know that armed with protection from Allah,
I can face any foes
And persevere beyond any oppression,
Despite consequences or threats
Or illusions of loss or restraint.
I can stand tall in the roaring wind
And walk untouched through the flaming fire,
Knowing that I am tempered,
Strengthened and expanded in faith
by the challenge and the experience.

I know that protected by the strength of Allah,
Those who try to attack me
Find no target,
And their useless blows stick to nothing.
They only run around in circles,
Chasing their own imagination.
And their vain attempts to hold me down
Only build my courage and resolve,
And fortify my strength and faith,
And remind me of my true reasons for living.

I know that guarded by the invisible might of Allah, --
All that is perceived as evil
Is but a fantasy of our own fears,
Grown solid and made rigid through time;
Stoked by the wickedness of mindless 'jinn',
Who stir up waves of fury and frustration,
But have no substance in truth,
And stand for less than nothing,
And quiver in terror at the mention of the name of Allah.

I know that aligned with Allah's plans for my life,
I can be guided by His divine purpose,
One with that single source of all wisdom and greatness,
That which knows all,
And needs nothing;
And which continues to exist beyond infinity.
Allah, the perfection, expanding throughout eternity,
Without boundaries or borders,
Far beyond man's contrite limitations.

I know that in submission to Allah --
One finds their greatest strength and meaning and truth;
And through complete faith in the power of Allah,
Every conceivable victory is possible,
For nothing is beyond His reach,
And everything is guided and controlled by Him,
Exactly the way He intends it to be.

With faith in Allah and the truth of Islam,
I know who I am,
And I'm nobody's fool --
So, God save the poor soul
Who tries to oppress or harm me,
for Allah is my complete protection,
and I need no other armaments.

With profound faith in Allah and the sheer ecstasy of Islam,
I can dance on the rings of Saturn,
Or curl up inside a tiny raindrop.
I can flicker on the tip of a flame of fire,
Or rush down a mountain in a mighty waterfall.
I can rise up through the air in a silent plume of smoke
Or drizzle back down to earth, in a whispering mist.

I know that inspired by the guidance of Allah,
Who grants insight and wisdom to any who He desires,
I may touch your heart
And unite with you in spirit.
I may know your mind
And hear your secrets.
I can smile with your joy
And delight in your laughter.
I can sense your fears
And I can serve to help heal your troubles.

I can fight the greatest 'Jihad',
With total triumph over all temptation and weakness,
And with complete faith in the most almighty, Allah.

I know that as a servant of Allah,
I am a wholesome component
Of Allah's profound creation,
in unity with every believer,
And in harmony with all that is.
   ...I am in submission to that which is above all else,
      That which always was,
          That which forever will be...
The infinite, the absolute, the almighty, the greatest of all that is great -


"Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say or do. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you."

—Charles Swindoll