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Educated in private Catholic school and always having a desire to serve humanity, her first employment was as an assistant at the Bowman Home for the Elderly, followed by her work as a junior counselor at the Pottawatomi School for the Disabled. Her after-school activities included volunteering at the Veterans Associations and raising funds for the JFK Library, while she often donated proceeds from the sale of her art to charity, especially for children's hospitals; where she often spent time reading to children, performing music and dramatic skits, creating art programs and distributing toys, stuffed animals and books; all paid for from the proceeds of her artwork.

With an interest in religion, SaLee' attended Catholic mass daily, even walking long miles through the snow to do so. She also kept notes inside of her Bible, gluing in extra pages for her commentary. Eventually, her curiosity for religious studies enticed her to read all sorts of religious literature from various religions and cultures. Her parents were bewildered, while their daughter took up meditation, chanting, and quoting passages from the Bhagavagita the book of Mormon, the Torah and the Quran; and espousing the teachings of Buddha, Baha'u'llah, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith and Prophet Mohammed; all while she still considered herself a Christian, but insisting that Jesus was great, but, in her opinion, only God could be 'God'. Often punished for speaking her mind, in support of other cultures and religions, she developed a tolerance for ridicule and a passion for purposeful dissent and standing up for what she believes. Throughout her life, this has been an undercurrent in many of her actions.

She also tutored a group of international students and developed a strong interest in diverse cultures. At 16 years old, she was the only white member of the Afro-American Culture Club, until she persuaded her best friend to also join; and she also became a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), Students for Peace, Greenpeace and Veterans for Peace.

During her young years, SaLee' worked in her parent's businesses and sold her artwork and crafts at various art fairs and galleries. She also was continually in the news as an award winning scholar, artist, writer and athlete. Competing as a skater, her family had accumulated a wall full of her trophies, plagues, medals and awards. In addition, she had won the local beauty contest, becoming 'Queen of the Little League', and she was in the news when her float design won a competition for the portrayal of a Venetian gondola. Numerous times, her writings and poems appeared in the local newspapers, as did news of her awards in debate, public speaking and theatrical performance. As a writer on the school newspaper, SaLee' got experience as a journalist, until her senior year, when she exclusively published and edited the first independent newspaper in her High School, 'The Underground Voice.'

In High School, while some students took part in race riots and anti-war demonstrations, SaLee' was organizing conferences, news articles, performances, poetry and speeches on themes of Civil Rights, conflict resolution, Peace and respect for diversity. One of the students who worked with her on her school and community projects later grew up to become mayor of that city.

A competitor by nature, SaLee' was usually a winner of any spelling bee or scholastic challenge, and as a natural born leader, she was typically an officer in the numerous extra-curricular organizations at her schools; including the Debate Team, Science Club, American Field Service, Chess Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Sociology Club, Pep Club (sports), French Club, Physics and Chemistry Club, school newspaper and the Writers Guild. She was also the 'Queen of Aces' in the 'Homecoming' parade, and was a member of local chapters of The National Forensics League, the National Thespian Society and MENSA. She graduated High School on the Honor Roll and was inducted into the National Honor Society. When SaLee's mother campaigned for political office, SaLee' worked as an assistant campaign manager, writing campaign speeches, poetry and articles for the local newspapers.

A natural performer, with no fear of facing large audiences or addressing new topics, SaLee' found it easy to give speeches, which often won her awards and scholarships. She also became active in theatre, and won two 'Best Actress' awards. She also won a statewide competition for 'extemporaneous speaking', in which competitors were given only one hour in the library to prepare lengthy speeches on challenging topics, with which they had no previous familiarity.

While still attending High School SaLee' was awarded a scholarship to attend Design classes at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design. While in High School, she also attended classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, Studio One School of Dramatics, in Chicago, and had won a scholarship to the Homewood-Flossmoor drama program.

Throughout High School, she appeared in school performances, as well as professional performances, culminating in the lead role of 'Sheila' in the popular theatrical musical, 'Hair', which was performed at Max Fiske Dinner Theatre (with no nudity whatsoever involved, although the original play, on Broadway [with which she was not involved,] had contained a nude scene.)

At the age of 16, she made her first appearance on television as a guest on 'The Howard Miller Show', in Chicago, where she appeared with Black Panther Leader, Bobby Seal, and spoke about the importance of Civil Rights and a 'volunteer draft' for the armed services. SaLee's first exposure to social/political activism and an International lifestyle was when she was designated as a student delegate to the United Nations, upon her graduation from High School. Sitting in the Security Council meeting room, she contemplated the importance of 'making a difference in the world' and she became convinced that peace and prosperity on a global level can only be achieved through mutual cooperation, understanding and acceptance of diversity.

As a writer, she had sold her first film script, at age 17, to SHB Productions in New York City. Later, she sold a theatrical play, which was performed in Hollywood, California, and she sold a film script to the head of Paramount studios. Several of her poems, stories and articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies, worldwide. Later in life, for her outstanding qualities as a role model and leader, SaLee' was invited as a guest of honor at the graduation ceremony of her former High School, and was inducted into the Dwight D. Eisenhower Hall of Fame, in Blue island, Illinois.

By the time SaLee' graduated High School, she had received several scholastic awards and scholarships, including the American Legion scholarship, the Illinois Institute of Technology scholarship in Design, the Florence Nightingale oratorical award, the Homewood-Flossmoor award and scholarship, the University of Kansas Arts scholarship and several other awards, plaques, trophies, medals and certificates for winning competitions in debate, public speaking and essay writing. She also received the best actress award for her lead performance in 'The Diary of Anne Frank', and as Helen Keller in 'The Miracle Worker', and an Illinois State Oratorical award for extemporaneous speaking.

However, being old-fashioned, her father did not believe that college was the right place for girls, so SaLee' was burdened with having to pay her own tuition, if she was determined to attend college. So, in the summer before beginning classes at the university, SaLee' got a position at the Faces agency (for models and actors), in New York City, where she started as an assistant casting director, but was promoted quickly. Saving for college, she also drew portraits at a restaurant and did body painting (painting designs on people.)

Beginning her professional career in the arts, while still a teenager, SaLee' quickly succeeded, building a resume that included her appearing in one a feature film, eight T.V. commercials, two television shows and several plays. Having a great affinity for children, she also directed children's theatre, where her child-like personality and laughter won the affection of many. She attended the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts and she audited classes at New York University, until she could officially enroll in the university at age 18, without her parents' consent.

Then she decided to also expand into business, in order to form a two-tiered source of income, and to extend her professional capacity. Being the daughter of an accountant and a successful business and property owner (who was a former U.S. Marine,) SaLee' had a natural talent for business, finance and management; and she was well conditioned to a lifestyle of self-discipline, responsibility and integrity. Her mother was also an artisan who sold her artistic works as a seamstress, statue painter and baker of wedding cakes; and both parents were accomplished musicians, while they owned and managed several businesses and properties.

Having 'cut her teeth,' so to speak, in a business environment, by the age of twenty, SaLee' had acquired three retail businesses, four houses and a corporation, while teaching at ideal Community Schools, in Reseda and Agoura, California; during the time that she herself was still attending classes at California State University, at Northridge, California and Pierce College. Within months, she was promoted to Head of the Arts Department at Ideal Community Schools, where she also taught visual, performing and fine arts; including television and film production, abstract art, music appreciation and ‘communicable knowledge' (which was a teaching method for speed-learning of diverse subjects, which was created by her.)

As a production assistant, in television and film, she worked with celebrities Bing Crosby, Henry Mancini, Cher, Sonny Bono, Carmen McRae, Mercedes McCambridge, Marvin Gaye, Bo Diddley, and the musical group, the Coasters.

Later, when she began producing media as a professional, two of the television commercials on which she worked received 'CLIO' awards (the 'Oscars' or 'Emmys' of T.V. Commercials.) She also produced several commercials, training films, industrial films, educational films, documentaries and film shorts, one staring the famous character actor, Charlie Martin Smith; and she produced a Chick Corea (Jazz) Concert, as well a newspaper commercial and a documentary film of the World Conference for Peace, Freedom and Social Justice. Soon before the jazz concert was to start, SaLee' noticed that the cinematographer had brought the wrong type of film, so she rushed out to buy more film. On the way, a lady had gone into labor and no one was around to deliver the baby. So, SaLee' delivered the baby, then suddenly left, arriving just in time for the concert to begin. When her husband (at the time) was told about the delay to deliver a baby, he responded, "Oh, that doesn't surprise me at all: That's just 'normal' conduct for SaLee!"

As a designer/ sculptor/ artist, SaLee' Amina's works are owned by many celebrities, including Queen Elizabeth of England (who owns Dr. SaLee's massive sculpture of the Royal Britannia yacht and a statue of the queen in solid gold) which is catalogued in the 'Tower of London Queen's Collection'. In a recent communication from the curator of the Queen's Royal collection, Dr. SaLee's sculpture was put on display in the Tower of London, where it was viewed by over 300,000 people, before it was installed in Buckingham palace. Dr. SaLee' Amina attended the Queen of England's official state dinner in honor of the King of Saudi Arabia, and she designed a gold charm and jewelry for the Princess of Wales.

SaLee' Amina also designed jewelry and/or fashions for many celebrities, including Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the Shah of Iran and his wife, Empress Farah Dibba, and his sister, Princess Ashraf, Princess Grace of Monaco, H.R.H. Princess Diana, President Reagan, President Nixon, the Emir of Kuwait, the Emir of Qatar, the former Emir of Bahrain, the President of the United Arab Emirates, 2 former Kings of Saudi Arabia, the former Queen of Saudi Arabia (Alanoud) the Sultan of Brunei, the Sultan of Oman, the President of Yemen, the Minister of Defense, the head of the Air Force, rock stars - Rick James and Michael Jackson.

Additionally, as a designer, SaLee' Amina did portraits in Gold of all seven leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council and designed numerous large works of art for members of royalty, OPEC, and the countries of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and the United Arab Emirates. On the American side of the ocean, she designed jewelry for the Republican Party, but claims that she can design Donkeys just as well as Elephants, except the Democrats didn't hire her to design for their fund raisers.

SaLee' Amina became a partner and designer in the jewelry and watch manufacturing firms, 'SOGNO' and 'Jolie Sogno', in Geneva Switzerland, where she and her business partner, Gerard Jolie, along with 42 employed artisans, designed custom jewelry and watch faces for Cartier, Piaget, Patek Phillip, and Boucheron. Her design works in jewelry and in fashion were marketed internationally. Some patents for jewelry manufacture (such as portraits in solid gold) were sold to the "Laudier" and "George Lauer" companies, in Europe. She also became an expert at precious metals and gems, and acquired many collections for her international clients. She was known to many famous jewelry houses, such as Harry Winston, Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels; where she advised clients on unique gem collections.

SaLee' Amina's fashions were sold at Nordstrom's, Nieman Marcus and Sears Roebuck (where her former brother-in-law, Duane Barnes, was a Vice President for decades.)

In exterior and interior design and decoration, SaLee' Amina has an impressive resume' of clients internationally, having decorated homes, offices, palaces and public buildings.

Following her early success in the arts and teaching, SaLee' Amina was hospitalized, due to a car accident, which forced her to change careers from the arts to business and investment; since the accident had caused the loss of her eyesight for many months and she was bedridden from serious injuries. This brought her, quite by accident (literally,) into the field of investment management and business consultancy. Not having experience with lawyers, she retained an attorney who negotiated away her lawsuit, in order to get a quick settlement of $1. 4 million on a different case he was handling. This sort of 'trading off' cases is common among attorneys, albeit it is very unethical, in principle. So, SaLee' was left with nothing but medical bills, her house and having to be a single mother (since she had divorced, agreeing to receive no spousal or child support.) Her first investor client was attorney Karl Kappel, who remained her business associate for over 20 years, while he and SaLee' kept their offices together, in Beverly Hills and Westwood, California; with Kappel providing legal advice and SaLee' providing investment and business advice to joint clients. Eventually, SaLee' adapted to the legal field, eventually taking on the legal work in cases, one of which resulted in a rare published opinion in 'Lexis Law', which created legal precedent and is now quoted in courtrooms as case-law, or decisional law.

Having a life-long passion for precious metals and gems, she began investing in gold and participated as a corporate officer in several mining and refining activities in California, Arizona, Montana and Borneo.

By the age of 26, she was elected to the 'World Gold Association' in Switzerland as their first woman officer, serving as Vice President for U.S. operations, during a time that they had no women members, except for SaLee' and the wife of the W.G.A. president. At age 27, she was invited as a speaker at an International Finance Conference in Acapulco, Mexico, where she was discovered and mentored by Sir Harry Schultz, who was in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid financial advisor in the world. Sir Harry called Dr. SaLee' a "Human Dynamo" and became her mentor in international investments, training her as his protégé'.

Dr. SaLee' Amina became part of the 'Institute for a Sound Money Economy', the 'Phoenix Foundation' and the 'Director's Institute', all in London England; as well as the 'Metropolitan Club' in New York City, as an adviser to Ambassador Chavez and a consultant to the Vice President of the World Bank, at a time when they also did not have women members.

As a professional speaker, she had been invited to numerous conferences, worldwide. In 2001, she was invited to speak at a conference on Islamic Finance, which is one of her specializations. The conference included some of the most renowned names in international finance, ministers of finance and heads of the largest international banks, monetary funds and investment trusts.

Dr. SaLee' Amina is often best remembered as the broker of the World's Largest Flawless Diamond, the "Star of Peace" (170.49 carats,) valued at $20 million. She also sold some of the largest gem collections and handled or advised on numerous transactions, adding to over 2,000 tons of precious metal products (gold and silver.) She was also requested to handle the sale of the largest pearl in the world ($42 million,) the largest colored diamond collection (The Rainbow diamond collection), the largest (in carat weight) collection of Rubies, and the largest (in carat weight) collection of sapphires and the largest collection of engraved emeralds.

By age 28, Dr. SaLee' Amina was reported to be one of the world's highest paid financial advisors (at $1,000.00 per hour) and was personally hired as an investment advisor to the man who had been listed in the 'Guinness Book of World Records' as having the highest income, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan AI-Nahayan (President of the United Arab Emirates, Emir [Ruler] of Abu Dhabi,) whose income reaches tens of billions per year from personal oil revenues alone, excluding additional billions from other lucrative assets, which are managed by 18,000 people worldwide.

In 2001, Sheikh Zayed's hold on this title in the 'Guinness Book' was replaced with the Sultan of Brunei, who also hired SaLee' Amina (as a designer, not for investments) and had her do his portrait in solid gold. The listing then went to the king of Saudi Arabia at the time, His majesty King Fahd. Dr. SaLee' Amina also did some work for him and for the previous King of Saudi Arabia, King Khalid.

In Saudi Arabia, her commercial business partner (until his death) was His Highness Prince Mutaaz Bin Saud Al-Saud, son of His Majesty, the late King Saud. In Kuwait, she did business with the Secretary General of the Supreme Counsel and created a portrait in gold of the Emir of Kuwait, as well as the Emirs of Bahrain and Qatar and the Presidents of Yemen and UAE. She eventually did various work in several Middle Eastern countries, usually in the capacity of an investment adviser, sometimes as a consultant on projects, and occasionally as a designer.

In 1984, she was a consultant to the President of Nigeria, Shehu Shagari, on the capital city of "Abuja" master plan and Development project. Through her affiliated architectural firm in Rome, Italy, she also consulted in construction of the Ministry of Defense.

Since 1980, Dr. SaLee' Amina was a consultant to several banks, such as Security Pacific Bank (then the 6th largest in the world, now merged With Bank of America, which is #1), Trade Development Bank (France), British Bank of the Middle East (now merged with HSBC), Union Bank of California, Union Bank of Switzerland, Dubai Islamic Bank, Banc Privee' (Suisse) and Lombard and Odier (Suisse).

Dr. SaLee' Amina's clients have included two Presidents, two Kings, two Sultans, three Emirs, one Queen, one Empress, a Shah, two Princesses, several Princes, a Secretary General of the Supreme Council, a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, a Minister Of Information, a Minister of Culture, a Minister of Tourism, a Minister Of Defense, a President of the Chamber of Commerce, a head of OPEC and several Fortune 500 companies.

In 1982, when she was personally hired by the wealthiest man in the world (His Highness Sheikh Zayed Al-Nahayan, President of United Arab Emirates) to handle investments in Europe and America, the overall task required over 18,000 workers, worldwide. Sheikh Zayed announced to his 'majlis' that she is one of the smartest people he had ever met, as clever as a thousand foxes, yet more 'Bedu' than the Bedu (Bedouin.) In that the heritage of Sheikh Zayed himself was Bedouin, this was considered a great compliment. At first, those working around Sheikh Zayed did not agree with her role in investment, due to being a young American woman, and there were continual problems to overcome; but eventually, they grew to accept her, explaining, "She looks like a woman, but, she thinks like a man!" (This was meant to be a compliment.)

In London, England, Dr. SaLee' Amina was the Director and an owner of "Kirk and Kirk" construction, the municipal contractor of choice for the City of London, had been in business over 128 years and employed 363 workers. Along with building fire departments, schools, police stations, post offices, and government buildings, Kirk and Kirk's clients included Kodak, British Telecom, and the complete remodeling of "Harrods" department store, the largest department store in the world, owned by the Al-Fayed family.

Having a keen eye for investment properties and businesses, she had partnered with an Arab Sheikh in purchasing a hotel in Beverly Hills. Every one of the properties and investments which she had recommended invariably increased in value by several hundred percent.

Personally hired by certain Middle Eastern Sheikhs and figureheads, Dr. SaLee' Amina attended many important meetings, which required clearance from the U.S. State Department. Her business partner in certain transactions was Admiral Herbert Spencer Mathews, who was the highest decorated Admiral in the history of the Navy. She became a negotiator/broker for large international contracts, including oil contracts, aviation, joint ventures and international trade agreements. Over the years, she negotiated huge trade contracts and government tenders with such giants as General Dynamics, Lockheed, Hughes Helicopters, Hughes Aircraft, ITT, Martin Marietta Aerospace (now merged with Lockheed,) Boeing, Bell Helicopters, Federated Stores, United Technologies, Braniff Airlines, Agip Petroli (the National Oil Company of Italy), Interprogetti (subsidiary of Snam-Progetti, Italy), Montedison (Italy), Piaggio (Italy), the Al-Hamed Group (United Arab Emirates) and many others.

Also, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved in business arrangements for the Department of Energy's Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which she coordinated with then Asst. Secretary of Energy, Rick Furugia. As a female involved in International negotiations in Washington D.C., she has been well known; and received security clearance to attend many important functions. While Frank Carlucci was Asst. Secretary of Defense, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved with the negotiation of air defense systems; a $2.6 billion contract, for which she turned down a 10% legal commission for her efforts, claiming her personal ethics prohibited benefiting independently on something that she was hired to negotiate, as a business advisor.

Dr. SaLee' Amina has received correspondence from every U.S. President or First Lady, since Richard Nixon, often getting invitations to the White House and numerous political functions. Dr. SaLee' Amina has received written thanks and personal communications and greeting cards from President & Mrs.George Bush and former First Lady, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer and several other political personalities.

Many of the banks and companies who have hired her as a professional negotiator include some of the top Fortune 100 companies. A veteran of the Swiss Banking community, she was a consultant to several banks and many corporations, including Parsons Brinkerhoff (the World's premier transportation engineering company and the oldest construction company in the U.S.A. (now merged with Balfour); and the National Oil Company of Italy (AGIP - Agip Petroli), Interprogetti (a division of Snam Progetti), United Technologies, Federated Stores, Montedison and several others.

Her abilities to arrange large trade contracts through top level connections opened doors of opportunity for many American suppliers of goods and services to reach world markets. These included millions of tons of foodstuffs, construction materials, electronics, vehicles, aircraft, boats, and raw materials, as well as a variety of manufactured goods and other services. As a trade specialist, she arranged contracts for the importation into the U.S. of food, hand crafted items, manufactured goods and raw materials from several countries.

In 1998 and 1999, Dr. SaLee' served as a contract specialist in the legal department of Parsons Brinkerhoff, the world's premiere transportation engineering company, and the oldest construction company in America. In London, England, Dr. SaLee' Amina was the Director and an owner of "Kirk and Kirk" construction, the municipal contractor of choice for the City of London, which had been in business over 128 years and employed 363 workers. Along with building fire departments, schools, police stations, post offices, and government buildings, Kirk and Kirk's clients included Kodak, British Telecom, and the complete remodeling of "Harrods" department store, the largest department store in the world, owned by the Al-Fayed family.

As early as her college years, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved in environmental causes. In 1991-92, as an adviser to 'Earthguard 2000', she advocated for clean burning bio-fuels and non-polluting replacements for unsustainable industrial products, which resulted in serious pollution of the air, water, biosphere and the bodies of plants and animals, as well as the destruction of environments and ecological systems. Their bio-fuel discoveries were so effective, yet non-polluting, that they had won the land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, using nothing other than 'Earthguard 2000' bio-fuel, a future-energy fuel, made entirely of processed weeds; which produced more torque on an engine than gasoline and which was so non-toxic that it had zero polluting emissions; while it could also be used as an additive to gasoline, making it less polluting than ethanol. The patent to Earthguard 2000 was purchased by Cargill Corp., one of America's two largest agricultural conglomerates.

She was also the consultant on water purification and aquaculture, and she arranged financing for water based engines and solar based electrical units, for use in remote areas. In their Riverside (California) aquaculture project, recovered water from sewers was treated with natural algae and bacteria eating microbes, which yielded water that was used to raise Tilapia fish, which was then refined into pure drinking water. The result was the creation of ample food and water out of waste products.

Being fascinated by all things beautiful, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved in gemstone and precious metal mining, refining and export activities in Montana, Arizona, California, Borneo and Columbia. In the 1980s, she was a partner and designer in the jewelry design firms, 'Sogno' and 'Jolie Sogno' (which translates to Pretty Dreams,) in Geneva Switzerland.

With a long term love of animals, she and her parents have been involved with Arabian horse farms, breeding, training and equine health products for over three decades. She arranged the sale of 523 black Arabian horses, the largest collection assembled of the world's rarest horses.

She also shares with her family a keen interest in natural health. Having had two natural health clinics (The Angel Center for Healing and the Beverly Hills International Clinic,) Dr. SaLee' Amina has conducted research into natural treatments for scores of previously thought to be 'un-curable' diseases. Her formulas are presently in double blind trials, in anticipation of their distribution, worldwide. She believes that the Earth provides profound treatments and cures, which has been suppressed by 'big-pharma', for the sake of increased profits. Her advocacy for natural health, natural remedies and patient's rights had brought her to establishing her own research, since many companies were afraid of repercussions from the AMA, FDA and the world's largest drug manufacturers. As a result, none of her products are yet sold in the United States.

The majority of her most recent projects address survival issues for the underprivileged. Her investment strategies directly target those projects which, while remaining profitable, have a greater purpose to achieve and result in greatly improved conditions for people and/or the environment.

Originally, as a student delegate to the United Nations, and later as an award winning public speaker and activist for Peace, Civil Rights and Social Justice, Dr. SaLee' Amina has appeared at many important functions, often using her celebrity status to promote good will and conflict resolution, and to improve international relations.

Holding the honorary title of 'Ambassador of Goodwill', (which was assigned to her by the former Deputy Consul General of Saudi Arabia,) Dr. SaLee' Amina has appeared at numerous events to promote interfaith dialogue, Middle East Peace, International trade and understanding of the Islamic religion and Arabic culture, which she has done continuously for over three decades, since converting to Islam in 1980.

In 1981, she officially converted to the Islamic religion at the Dubai Islamic Court, after having studies the religion intensely, completing the reading of the Holy Quran five times, and having read two full collections of 'Hadith' (teachings) of the Prophet Mohammed(by Al-Muslim and by Al-Bukhari) and after reading 42 books on Islam.

She immediately embarked on a mission to explain Islam to Westerners, and she gave lectures throughout Europe and the United States. A year later, His Majesty King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, of Saudi Arabia, issued a written commendation for Dr. SaLee' Amina's laudable service in expanding Islam in the world and for effectively correcting misunderstandings about Islam in the West. This was hand delivered to her by Ambassador Romeh, in the UAE.

In London, in 1986, Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited to participate in a conference of Christians, Jews and Muslims; where Rabbis, Imams, Priests, nuns, ministers and laymen discussed their similarities in theology and the greater similarities in purpose of the three 'sister' religions.

Initially having visited Saudi Arabia at the invitation of Princess Nowaf Bint Abdul Aziz, Dr. SaLee' Amina returned to Saudi to visit the Holy Places in 1987, after she had re-married (although the marriage only lasted 4 months.) She has remained unmarried since then and has independently raised her three children, educating them about Islam, as well as exposing them to the diverse cultures and theologies throughout the world. Despite a hectic schedule, her children had often accompanied her, in her business, charities and travels, throughout the world; while usually attending schools in Beverly Hills, California, and using tutors during their travels. (Now, all of her children are in university and post-graduate studies, in the United States.)

In July, 1998, Dr. SaLee' Amina was the only woman speaker (except for the mayor) invited by King, Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud to give her public commentary at the Inauguration ceremony of the King Fahd mosque in Culver City (Los Angeles.) In an expression of gratitude to His Majesty, for donating $10 million for the construction and administration of the mosque, Dr. SaLee' Amina organized the Muslim children to make giant greeting cards, wreaths, bouquets of flowers and gifts for His Majesty and all members of his entourage, thanking him for his generosity to the community. All of the children's activities were financed by her personally.

At the 'International Day of the Family' conference, held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed delivered a speech on the importance of family values and quoting Quranic advice regarding marriage, children, women and families. She was accompanied on stage by the two highest ranking leaders in the Islamic religion - the head of the main mosque in Mecca and the head of the Prophet Mohammed's mosque in Medina [Saudi Arabia,] as well as by one of the Princes of the Saudi royal family.

On August 11, 1998, she was a speaker at an International Interfaith Unity Conference, which was broadcasted on C-SPAN, where she appeared with Congressmen and former Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, Congressman McDermott, the President of Chechnya, the Chairman of the Sheikh Zayed Charitable Foundation, the ambassadors of Bosnia, Chechnya, Pakistan and Indonesia, the minister of education of Kuwait and other V.I.P.s.. In one of her eight speeches at the Islamic Unity Conference, Dr. SaLee' Amina closed her speech with the 'The Lord's Prayer,' from the Bible, followed by the similar Opening Prayer ('Al-Fatihah') of the Holy Koran. She described Islam, Judaism and Christianity as sister religions, praying similarly to the same God. She delivered an 'Invitation to Peace', receiving several standing ovations.

In 2002, she was invited by the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington D.C. to attend a banquet which featured community leaders and law enforcement officials in Los Angeles.

The Saudi embassy also invited Dr. SaLee' Amina as their guest at the Arab Americans Awards dinner, in Los Angeles, California.

(From 2003 to 2007, Dr. SaLee' Amina was paralyzed, in a motorized wheelchair, from a debilitating disease, Rhabdomyolysis. Despite dire medical prognosis, her determination won out, and by 2007, she began walking for short periods, with the aid of a cane.)

In 2007, Dr. SaLee' Amina wrote a series of articles on Islamic topics for the Pakistan News, and was honored at a reception for Pakistan News, where she spoke about the importance of Pakistan as an Islamic region as well as a leading economic emerging economy. In 2008, Dr. SaLee' Amina, still sometimes needing help walking or standing, spent Ramadan helping in a food distribution program for the poor people of Northern Karachi, along with the international Kiwanis Club.

In September of 2008, she could walk enough to make a visit to the Arabian Gulf, followed by another in 2009, which was followed by a stay in the United Arab Emirates, where she attended the Dubai School of Government, sponsored by the JFK School of Government at Harvard University. She anticipates another visit to the Arabian Gulf in late 2011.

Now, Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed is at Harvard University, as a post-graduate student (in Global Economics) and as a temporary teaching assistant. Dr. SaLee' Amina has been interviewed on Fox News, ABC, NBC, KTLA, C-Span, WTTW Chicago, Beirut TV, Saudi TV, Pakistan TV and Dubai TV and Radio, and other stations on different topics pertaining to the Islamic religion. Having previously established herself as an expert in investment and business, and being considered an expert on the Middle East, she is often requested to speak to community organizations, schools and political leaders in her capacity as an effective liaison between the Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

Demonstrating the many similarities in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been involved in several interfaith projects, internationally. During a Christmas event, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved with a group who arranged for the reading of the chapter describing the annunciation and the virgin birth of Jesus from ‘the Holy Koran,' which was performed live for 6,000 Christians and was exposed to millions of viewers on television.

In her role as Ambassador of Goodwill, she has been instrumental in defusing misunderstandings between members of different religions and has been an effective participant in several inter-faith dialogues.

Throughout her life, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been engaged in humanitarian efforts, charitable projects, volunteerism and donating to worthy causes. She firmly believes that one must work to make a living, but that one must help others to make a life. Being of help and doing good is of senior importance to her than making a profit or gaining benefit. Long lists of her charitable actions attest to these facts, a few examples of which are:

During the first Gulf War, Dr. SaLee' flew news footage from the Gulf to Amman, Jordan, via private jet, where it was fed by satellite to news media, worldwide. On each return trip, she voluntarily filled the private jet with refugees from war-torn Iraq, giving them a free ride to safety; since all commercial airlines were fully booked and the Jordanian border was the only escape route available to the refugees. These people were brought by Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed to safety in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where they managed to get connecting flights to their various home countries.

In 1984, Dr. SaLee' Amina established a charitable trust, located in Delhi, India, which created job training for many of the poorest residents. The training schedule included each student receiving one full meal and several 'tea' breaks throughout the day, free of charge; and the premises included restrooms, a kitchen, a very large courtyard and several clean rooms, where students were allowed to sleep, if they were without adequate homes. Students with children were allowed free and low-cost childcare during their free job-training. As a result, many students were advanced to wage-earning positions in society and others learned to create products which could be sold to provide a living for themselves, their families and their communities. All costs were borne exclusively by Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed.

During Ramadan, 2008, Dr. SaLee', still recovering from a paralyzing disease (Rhabdomyolysis, which is often fatal,) had traveled to Pakistan to take part in a massive feeding program for the poor people of North Karachi. Though herself needing help to stand or walk, she spent most of Ramadan providing bags of rice and flour to poor families.

After having consistently donated the majority of her income to humanitarian charities and development projects in the poorest countries, Dr. SaLee' Amina continues her tradition of constant charity through projects that provide low-cost and subsidized housing, emergency shelters, sanitary water, AIDS/HIV treatments, natural health remedies and solar-powered sustainable living units in undeveloped and barren areas of developing countries, worldwide.

Her latest efforts to bring people out of poverty and degraded conditions, is through services provided by her personal non-profit organization, 'Beverly Hills RAGS' ('RAGS' stands for Rehabilitation, Assistance and Guidance Services,) and she is a continual contributor to 'Habitat for Humanity', which builds homes for the very low income populace. Volunteerism and doing charity is incorporated into her work schedule with as much importance as any business activity. A list of charities with which she has been affiliated is available upon request.

Dr. Amina continues to champion worthwhile causes, including Civil Rights and Human Rights, especially as concerns equal justice and the rights of children, women and families. For her efforts, she has received several awards and meritorious acknowledgments. As a volunteer, she contributes her time for the veterans, disabled, orphans, homeless, the poor, the incarcerated, victims of crisis and domestic violence and recovered victims of drug and alcohol addiction.

SaLee's personal passions include fighting corruption, which resulted in very serious legal battles against allegedly corrupt employees of government and law enforcement.

Dr. SaLee' Amina's determined efforts resulted in investigation by the Supreme Court of a Judge, investigation by the County Board of Supervisors of jails and police officers, investigation of County prosecutors in California by the District Attorney's office, investigation of a Domestic Violence shelter by the Department of Health and Department of Social Services and an FBI investigation of alleged illegal acts by county employees, all of which had been reported, in writing, by Dr. SaLee Amina, who suffered extreme retaliation as a consequence of her fight for justice, in reporting corruption among government personnel. A rare published opinion (in Lexis Law) explains some of the matters she was confronting, and the retaliatory assaults she endured, as a result. However, the findings of the investigations were published and the recommendations supported the allegations of Dr. SaLee' Amina, which resulted in some cases of disciplinary procedures against the allegedly corrupt officials and employees and a determination of wrongdoing against a Superior Court Judge, who received a written reprimand from the Commission for Judicial Performance of the State of California. Their findings, which were published, validated Dr. SaLee's reports of wide-spread corruption and a policy of negligence, abuse, discrimination, violation of Civil Rights, code of silence, cover up and retaliation against whistle-blowers.

Regarding her legal battles against corruption, a certiorari petition to the United States Supreme Court is in progress in a matter of Civil Rights violation by the State of California, three counties and a city within that state and several employees of county and city government. The lawsuit is for $150 million U.S.D., much of which has been committed to establishing ombudsman organizations for the protection of the rights of American citizens and victims of injustice.

Dr. Amina is also a member of numerous organizations for social responsibility and she participates in environmental protection activities and conferences on world peace.

In the past, Dr. SaLee' Amina had been a member of the United States Business Advisory Board, the President's Task Force, the Senatorial Inner Circle, the U.S. Congressional Committee and political Victory Funds and Political Action Committees. She had also been a precinct officer in her native Beverly Hills, California and had been a recipient of the 'Gold Medal of Merit' from U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

In addition to her early years as a teacher (at Ideal Community Schools, at the High School level,) Dr. SaLee' Amina has also often taught classes and has lectured on various subjects. In 1987, she was a lecturer in the Department of International Business at San Jose' College (in the Silicon Valley of California) and she has taught English as a second language to international students, as well as having taught seniors and the disabled, through continuing educations and arts therapy programs. As a lecturer and educator, she has spoken as an expert on business, investment and macro-economics; as well as on Islamic and Arabian Culture, Theology, Islamic Finance and remedial 'Sharia' (Islamic) Law. She has also taught classes and seminars at Islamic Centers throughout the world. Having created a program for intensive learning and increased retention, she has taught teachers how to use her techniques in their classrooms. Dr SaLee' Amina was an A student in Global Economics at Harvard University and holds a Ph.D. in international business.

During the past 30 years, Dr. Amina has been featured in magazine articles and newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Peninsula Times Tribune (San Francisco,) London Daily Mail, Australian Sun, 8 Days magazine, Asian Post magazine, Pakistan Link, Dubai Emirates News, Gulf News, Gulf Times, AI­Sayedity magazine (Saudi,) AI-Majala Magazine (Saudi,) Bahrain Gulf Mirror, California Coaster and several others.

She also has appeared on several TV stations, including Fox News, C-Span, CNN, WTTW Chicago, NBC, Pakistan TV, Middle East Broadcasting (MBC,) Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC,) Dubai TV, WOR New York, Saudi TV, and cable stations, such as I-views, Bridges TV and Islamicity TV.

During the Gulf War, Dr. SaLee',' having a background in television and film production, arranged for the sponsoring of NBC news in the United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait. The first images that anyone saw on television of the war were from her footage, which she personally flew out of the extended war-zone, to the nearest satellite station; while voluntarily using her private jet as a rescue plane for those war victims stranded in Jordan, after fleeing from Iraq.

In 2003, Dr. SaLee' Amina was diagnosed with a deadly case of Rhabdomyolysis, which she contracted as a side effect of taking the medication ‘Lipitor,' which affects one in 15 million patients who take the medication with a rare, but very serious, disease. The disease attacked every muscle in her body, her heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system; which eventually reduced her to a jelly-muscled semi-paralyzed state, bound to a motorized wheelchair, at 84 pounds. Told she would not walk again, Dr. SaLee' Amina chose to challenge the prognosis of every doctor, and to treat herself with nutritional and herbal remedies, which she formulated herself.

Having previously owned two natural health clinics in Beverly Hills, California and in Scottsdale, Arizona, she was no stranger to the field of complementary medicine and alternative therapies. Successfully treating her disease with natural therapies, which she formulated, she is no longer paralyzed and she now advocates for the disabled, as well as victims of crisis and catastrophic injuries. Having been too weak to hold a spoon or a pencil, during her paralysis, she created works of art by maneuvering a stub of a pencil that was taped to her hand. She intends to raise funds for victims of paralysis and people confined to wheelchairs through the sale of these 66 drawings of celebrities and other people.

Dr. SaLee' Amina's main home is in Beverly Hills, California, where she has resided for more than forty years, since her youth; although she has traveled the world, very extensively, having visited or resided in over one hundred cities, in over 40 countries, and she has kept multiple homes, businesses and charitable projects all around the world.

2011 — Dr. SaLee' Amina is at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, taking post graduate courses in Global Economics / Global Management; to enhance her Ph.D. in International Business with knowledge of the most current financial technologies and global economic trends.

Dr. SaLee' Amina is a fourth generation American citizen, of Western European descent, and having a small amount of Arab ancestry, dating back to her paternal great-great grandmother, who was from the Hydramawt (now part of Yemen,) and who lived in Naples, Italy, during her father's employment there, as a boat builder and sail maker.

In honor of her ancient Arab ancestors, Dr. SaLee' Amina often sculpts and paints boats, some made of gold and gems and some from the most simple materials. Her most famous boat sculpture was for the Queen of England, which was a sculpture of the Britannia Royal Yacht, constructed of solid gold; with a foreground statue of the Queen and the (former) Emir of Bahrain (in solid gold); under a canopy of three colored gold, black and red coral, granite on a 'sea' of semi-precious sodalite gemstone and a sky backdrop of sodalite and frosted crystal.

Her other famous boat sculptures included Arab Dhows of solid gold for the Sultan of Brunei and for the Sultan of Oman, each which included their portraits on the sail in gold. She also created a soft sculpture wall hanging of fishing boats for the UAE. Her most recent boat sculpture is carved from a five foot long tree trunk, with five foot tall sails of canvas, with rigging of waxed string. Other specialty works of art which she has created in honor her Arab ancestors have been numerous carvings of Falcons, some of which were created for several of the Gulf Cooperation summits.


"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them!"

—George Bernard Shaw