Awards & Commendations

Awards, Honorarium, and Commendations

  • Presidential Task Force Gold Medal of Merit (from U.S. President Ronald Reagan)
  • Certificate of Merit (from U.S. Senate)
  • United States Senatorial Business Advisory Board
  • United States Congressional Committee
  • United States Senatorial Inner Circle
  • Letter of commendation from his Majesty, King Khalid of Saudi Arabia (1981)
  • Letter of commendation from his Highness, Prince Mutaaz Bin Saud Al-Saud
  • Letter of recommendation from DUBAI T.V./Radio
  • World Gold Assocation (Switzerland) Merit Award, "Man of Gold" award
  • Sons of Italy Honorarium
  • World Affairs Council (International Peace and Social Reform Seminar)
  • United Nations "student delegate" (1969)
  • Abuja Consultants Award (Nigeria) issued by former President Shehu Shagari
  • World Economic Council of Advisors [delegate](Switzerland)
  • Institute of Freedom through Sound Money (London)
  • Phoenix Foundation (U.S.)
  • Artistic Education Foundation (Hollywood, California)
  • World Council of Churches (International Peace and Freedom Convention)
    Academic and Cultural
  • Hillsborough School District Merit Award
  • Sausalito School District Merit Award
  • San Francisco Teachers Cultural Award for Excellence
  • Arizona Cultural Relations Committe Certificate of Appreciation
  • Midwest Arab-American Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Appreciation
  • California Arab-American Cultural Center Certificate of Appreciation
  • Illnois State Oratorical Award (for dramatic public speaking)
  • Homewood Flossmoor Public Speaking Award
  • Thornton Regional Oratorical Award (extemporaneous public speaking)
  • President Eisenhower Oratorical Award (for political debate)
  • Florence Nightingale Oratorical Award
  • Muslim Service Bureau (Life Achievement Award)
  • International Association of Muslims (Certificate of Achievement)
  • Bosnian-American Relief Council (Certificate of Honor)
  • Afghanistan Aid Committee (Letter of Acknowledgment)
  • Indian Muslim Relief Fund (Life Achievement Award)
  • Croatian Fraternal Union (Letter of Appreciation
  • War Orphans Relief Fund (Achievement Award)
  • M.A.P.[Mothers Against Pornography] (Essay Award)
  • C.O.M.A.[Council on Moral Alternatives] (Honorary Mention Essay Award)

A Leader

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

—John Quincy Adams