Ambassador of Goodwill

Ambassador of Goodwill

Originally, as a student delegate to the United Nations, and later as an award winning public speaker and activist for Peace, Civil Rights and Social Justice, Dr. SaLee' Amina has appeared at many important functions, often using her celebrity status to promote good will and conflict resolution, and to improve international relations.

Holding the honorary title of 'Ambassador of Goodwill', (which was assigned to her by the former Deputy Consul General of Saudi Arabia,) Dr. SaLee' Amina has appeared at numerous events to promote interfaith dialogue, Middle East Peace, International trade and understanding of the Islamic religion and Arabic culture, which she has done continuously for over three decades, since converting to Islam in 1980.

In 1981, she officially converted to the Islamic religion at the Dubai Islamic Court, after having studied the religion intensely, completing the reading of the Holy Quran five times, and having read two full collections of 'Hadith' (teachings) of the Prophet Mohammed (by Al-Muslim and by Al-Bukhari) and after reading 42 books on Islam.

king khaled.jpg She immediately embarked on a mission to explain Islam to Westerners, and she gave lectures throughout Europe and the United States. A year later, His Majesty King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, of Saudi Arabia, issued a written commendation for Dr. SaLee' Amina's laudable service in expanding Islam in the world and for effectively correcting misunderstandings about Islam in the West. This was hand delivered to her by Ambassador Romeh, in the UAE.

In London, in 1986, Dr. SaLee' Amina was invited to participate in a conference of Christians, Jews and Muslims; where rabbis, imams, priests, nuns, ministers and laymen discussed their similarities in theology and the greater similarities in purpose of the three 'sister' religions.

Initially having visited Saudi Arabia at the invitation of Princess No'af Bint Abdul Aziz, Dr. SaLee' Amina returned to Saudi to visit the Holy Places in 1987, after she had re-married (although the marriage only lasted 4 months.) She has remained unmarried since then and has independently raised her three children, educating them about Islam, as well as exposing them to the diverse cultures and theologies throughout the world. Despite a hectic schedule, her children had often accompanied her, in her business, charities and travels, throughout the world; while usually attending schools in Beverly Hills, California, and using tutors during their travels. (Now, all of her children are in university and post-graduate studies, in the United States.)

In July, 1998, Dr. SaLee' Amina was the only woman speaker (except for the mayor) invited by King, Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud to give her public commentary at the Inauguration ceremony of the King Fahd mosque in Culver City (Los Angeles.) In an expression of gratitude to His Majesty, for donating $10 million for the construction and administration of the mosque, Dr. SaLee' Amina organized the Muslim children to make giant greeting cards, wreaths, bouquets of flowers and gifts for His Majesty and all members of his entourage, thanking him for his generosity to the community. All of the children's activities were financed by her personally.

At the 'International Day of the Family' conference, held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed delivered a speech on the importance of family values and quoting Quranic advice regarding marriage, children, women and families. She was accompanied on stage by the two highest ranking leaders in the Islamic religion - the head of the main mosque in Mecca and the head of the Prophet Mohammed's mosque in Medina [Saudi Arabia,] as well as by one of the Princes of the Saudi royal family.

On August 11, 1998, she was a speaker at an International Interfaith Unity Conference, which was broadcasted on C-SPAN, where she appeared with Congressmen and former Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, Congressman McDermott, the President of Chechnya, the Chairman of the Sheikh Zayed Charitable Foundation, the ambassadors of Bosnia, Chechnya, Pakistan and Indonesia, the minister of education of Kuwait and other V.I.P.s.. In one of her eight speeches at the Islamic Unity Conference, Dr. SaLee' Amina closed her speech with the 'The Lord's Prayer,' from the Bible, followed by the similar Opening Prayer ('Al-Fatihah') of the Holy Koran. She described Islam, Judaism and Christianity as sister religions, praying similarly to the same God. She delivered an 'Invitation to Peace', receiving several standing ovations.

In 2002, she was invited by the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington D.C. to attend a banquet which featured community leaders and law enforcement officials in Los Angeles.

The Saudi embassy also invited Dr. SaLee' Amina as their guest at the Arab Americans Awards dinner, in Los Angeles, California.

(From 2003 to 2007, Dr. SaLee' Amina was paralyzed, in a motorized wheelchair, from a debilitating disease, Rhabdomyolysis. Despite dire medical prognosis, her determination won out, and by 2007, she began walking for short periods, with the aid of a cane.)

In 2007, Dr. SaLee' Amina wrote a series of articles on Islamic topics for the Pakistan News, and was honored at a reception for Pakistan News, where she spoke about the importance of Pakistan as an Islamic region as well as a leading economic emerging economy. In 2008, Dr. SaLee' Amina, still sometimes needing help walking or standing, spent Ramadan helping in a food distribution program for the poor people of Northern Karachi, along with the international Kiwanis Club.

In September of 2008, she could walk enough to make a visit to the Arabian Gulf, followed by another in 2009, which was followed by a stay in the United Arab Emirates, where she attended the Dubai School of Government, sponsored by the JFK School of Government at Harvard University. She anticipates another visit to the Arabian Gulf in late 2011.


Dr. SaLee' Amina Mohammed has recently returned from Harvard University, where she was a post-graduate student in Global Economics, and she assisted a guest Professor at the Harvard School of Divinity, sponsored by the Harvard School of Law, in researching historical perspectives regarding the political division of Pakistan and India, in accordance with the treatises of Islamic Scholars.

Dr. SaLee' Amina has been interviewed on Fox News, ABC, NBC, KTLA, C-Span, WTTW Chicago, Beirut TV, Saudi TV, Pakistan TV and Dubai TV and Radio, and other stations on different topics pertaining to the Islamic religion. Having previously established herself as an expert in investment and business, and being considered an expert on the Middle East, she is often requested to speak to community organizations, schools and political leaders in her capacity as an effective liaison between the Western and Middle Eastern cultures.

Demonstrating the many similarities in Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Dr. SaLee' Amina has been involved in several interfaith projects, internationally. During a Christmas event, Dr. SaLee' Amina was involved with a group who arranged for the reading of the chapter describing the annunciation and the virgin birth of Jesus from 'the Holy Koran', which was performed live for 6,000 Christians and was exposed to millions of viewers on television.

In her role as Ambassador of Goodwill, she has been instrumental in defusing misunderstandings between members of different religions and has been an effective participant in several inter-faith dialogues.

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Highly Commended

"Salee Aubrien - Barnes (Amina Mohammed) is highly commended for doing an excellent job of correcting misunderstandings about Islam in the West and for explaining Islam to the world."  [1981]

—His Majesty, King Khaled Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (former King of Saudi Arabia)